Saturday, 16 November 2013 - Is it a good place to advertise? - Is it a good place to advertise? 

Everyone advertising or publishing online is looking for the most effective and lucrative way to make a living from their work, whether it’s a website, a blog or selling a product or a service. One of the most popular ways to monetize your presence on the web is to place advertising for your site or business on sites with a receptive audience. 

The best way to find sites that would have a receptive audience is to use a marketing and advertising network like Right now, everyone is realizing the benefit not only of advertising, but of affiliate advertising, using clickbank and paying the least for the most exposure. helps you accomplish this and customize your advertising for your time, cost and business needs. The way to make this all work for you and your budget is by using eLeavers for several clear and concise reasons. 

 1.First the cost of their clicks starts lower than any other similar site (like Google AdSense). Their clicks start at $0.008. has their own anti-fraud system, so they make sure you only pay for real clicks from genuine, unique visitors, not mistakes, bad scripts or bots. There is zero risk of click fraud, with their state of the art system with human monitoring. Invalid traffic is identified in real time. 

You don’t pay for clicks determined to be fraudulent and eLeavers does not penalize you for erroneous or automated clicks as Google can do when they ban certain ads and advertisers or suspend accounts abruptly.  

3.Their verification system and exclusion or offensive material results in high quality traffic and thereby, high quality clicks more amenable to buying what you are selling. 

 4.A super easy system for composing text ads that allows the inclusion of images without an increase in cost per click (CPC). 

 5.Absolutely no minimum spending or time commitments. You can start an account with as little as $10 and change or stop your average spending budget at any time. You have no contract for any length of time. allows multiple affiliate links with no limits and multiple domains on one account. 

7.The highest online conversion percentage, upto 80% (according to clickbank affiliates). clearly has made it their mission to provide the most exposure and publicity for the lowest cost available. They offer the most flexibility with the least amount of investment or commitment. is the wave of the present and future and the most efficient way to maximize advertising and clicks for the lowest risk. So, to answer the initial question, yes, not only is a good place to advertise, but for all intents and most purposes, it is the best place to get the most out of your advertising and budget for the least expense and effort. Google Adsense Alternative


  1. I have given you many alternative site to adsense. So you probably wanna know they pay you or not.?

    Among all the alternative sites i gave you, eleavers is the best i found. eleavers pays you in time and they are not a scam site.
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  2. eleavers is the highest paying PPC advertising network